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Expert Witness

What Does Expert Witness Mean?

An expert witness, in England, Wales, and the United State, is a person whose opinion is accepted during a trial as an expert opinion on a specific topic. They usually have an appropriate background in education, training, certification, skills, or experience to back their knowledge of a subject.

An expert witness's specialized (scientific, technical or other) opinion about evidence or facts is considered before the court within the expert's area of expertise. It is referred to as an "expert opinion." Expert witnesses can also give "expert evidence" within the area of their expertise. Their testimony may be rebutted by testimony from other expert witnesses or by other evidence or facts.

Safeopedia Explains Expert Witness

An expert witness offers opinions that may assist the judge in understanding the specifics of a subject to support their ability to make a sound ruling in a case.

Expert witnesses are typically allowed more leeway in testimony than fact witnesses. However, their testimony is still the subject of careful examination by the court for validity. Testimony from one expert witness can be rebutted by that of another, by evidence or by facts. Expert witnesses are often sought in cases for malpractice, endangerment, and work-related injuries or accidents.



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