Last updated: May 19, 2017

What Does Incinerator Mean?

An incinerator is a container used for burning biological refuse. It can also be an industrial plant designed for large-scale refuse combustion.

Incinerators are used to safely dispose of solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes that result from manufacturing processes. They recuperate energy and can be used to generate electricity by steam or thermal flow through the use of auxiliary equipment like steam boilers. Modern incinerators include air pollution control equipment to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Safeopedia Explains Incinerator

An incinerator is a furnace constructed of heavy, well-insulated materials that is designed to burn garbage and other types of animal, medical, and general waste in a safe environment.

This furnace is designed to dispose of waste effectively, eliminating the danger to the environment as well as the high costs of having it transported to a landfill. They are designed and function in accordance with international emission regulations to protect human health. Incinerators reduce the quantity of waste as well as provide a safe alternative for the disposal of hazardous byproducts of the manufacturing process.


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