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Health Monitoring

Last updated: June 8, 2017

What Does Health Monitoring Mean?

Health monitoring is the continued oversight of the progression of a clinical trial. This is to ensure that it is conducted according to protocol as well as good clinical practice,regulatory requirements and standard operating procedures. The purpose of monitoring is to see whether a particular intended result or set of results has actually happened after a clinical process or substance has been applied and to provide ongoing oversight to the quality of care given to meet a person's needs.

Safeopedia Explains Health Monitoring

Health monitoring is performed under many different scenarios including in hospitals by nurses and doctors monitoring patients or if a person is injured or exposed to hazardous chemicals they may be monitored. It may also be implemented by an employer to monitor a work environment for occupational or environmental health hazards. With this in mind there will be many different methods that are used for health monitoring and qualifications necessary to be allowed to take part in certain kinds of health monitoring. Health monitoring should always be carried out by a medical practitioner qualified for the task.


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