Last updated: January 4, 2019

What Does Guardrails Mean?

Guardrails are railings designed to minimize fall risk at a work site where there is high fall risk. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have set regulations for when guardrails must be implemented and specifications for how they must be implemented in these circumstances. Employers by law must comply with all standards regarding fall hazards in the workplace set by OSHA. Among construction workers, fall hazards are the major cause of death and it is for that reason that OSHA has set specific standards for guardrails in construction.

Safeopedia Explains Guardrails

According to OSHA, there are three major ways to protect workers from falls when working at heights. Guardrails are one of them. Others include safety nets and fall arrest systems. OSHA requires employers to provide these protective measures to workers when needed. Employers must develop a written protection plan, identify potential hazards before a project and during daily walk-through inspections, ensure protection is correct for particular work being undertaken and conduct regular training on fall hazards and protective equipment. If an employer fails to meet requirements, they will be subject to fines.


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