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Zone of Saturation

Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Zone of Saturation Mean?

The zone of saturation is a term used to describe the area of earth that is underneath the water table and is completely saturated with water. This is an area found between a few feet to over a thousand feet below the surface of the earth and holds some of the earth's freshest drinking water, which can be accessed through springs, wells and rivers. The zone of saturation is also referred to as the phreatic zone.

Safeopedia Explains Zone of Saturation

Saturation occurs when the small pores and cracks in rock and soil beneath the surface of the earth are filled with water and occurs below the water level. The soil that is saturated is less corrosive than material above the saturation level. This is due to the low concentration of oxygen in the saturated soil, which is needed to corrode metal.


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