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Scientific Method

Last updated: February 1, 2017

What Does Scientific Method Mean?

The scientific method is defined as a set of principles or procedures that is used in a systematic pursuit of knowledge. This is by defining scientific questions or identifying problems to be solved, then using experiments and observations to find answers or solutions to these questions or problems. A complete scientific theory on a particular subject is developed as the scientific method is followed and a conclusion is reached.

Safeopedia Explains Scientific Method

The scientific method is broken-down into several phases. The first involves the observation of established facts or data that already exists and form the basis for 'if - then' statements or new ideas or hypotheses on a subject. The second phase involves forming a hypothesis or an idea/question about a subject, which is usually recorded as an 'if - then' statement. The third involves experimenting and observation to test this hypothesis. The fourth phase involves forming a conclusion based on the data collected.


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