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Citizen Science

What Does Citizen Science Mean?

Citizen science refers to scientific research that is conducted at an amateur level by nonprofessional scientists, and often involves voluntary participation by members of the general public. These types of research are commonly done collaboratively with recognised scientific institutions. Citizen science is also known as crowd science, crowd-sourced science, civic science, volunteer monitoring or networked science.

Safeopedia Explains Citizen Science

Citizen science projects are commonly undertaken by members of the public, sometimes with little or no scientific background themselves, in an attempt to study topics such as natural phenomena. Citizen scientists are volunteers who dedicate their own time and effort to research topics that interest them or topics that they believe may be beneficial to society. These projects are often listed online and request volunteers to take part in them. Many of these projects are conducted on a small scale, involving only a small group of people, and often take place in the homes of these citizen scientists.


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