Holistic Science

Published: | Updated: October 27, 2019

Definition - What does Holistic Science mean?

Holistic science is in direct contrast to reductionist science, as it holds that when discussing an idea or complex system it is more than merely the sum of its individual parts. Reductionist science, rather, aims to reduce an idea or system down to its parts and holds that an understanding of the parts that make up a system or idea means an understanding of the whole, and, perhaps, an ability to manipulate it.

Safeopedia explains Holistic Science

Holistic science has a focus on the study of very complex systems, yet is not merely analytical in its approach. Holistic science moves from an understanding of the whole to an understanding of its parts. An example would be studying an animal's behavior in its environment before experimenting on it and examining it's parts to determine their function. Reduction science would break the animal into its parts primarily.

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