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Last updated: January 6, 2017

What Does Precycling Mean?

Precycling attempts to reduce waste rather than produce waste that would be required to be recycled or discarded. As a means of solid waste management, precycling is favored by the EPA, since it eliminates or reduces the creation of waste and the resulting environmental impacts of waste. Precycling requires a planned approach to the reduction of waste.

Safeopedia Explains Precycling

The most simple examples of precycling are those adopted by environmentally aware consumers. For example, re-usable cloth shopping bags eliminate the use of plastic bags. Products that are unpackaged are preferred and products that are over-packaged are avoided. Wherever possible, items are re-used and durable, repairable items are sought to replace disposable ones. In an industrial context, similar strategies can be applied in order to reduce waste to the greatest degree possible.


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