Waste Management

Last updated: April 28, 2018

What Does Waste Management Mean?

Waste management refers collectively to the collection, transportation, handling and disposal process of dealing with removal of human waste. Waste management, generally, covers all aspects of human waste including waste reduction.

Safeopedia Explains Waste Management

Waste management is a broad topic that encompasses a range of elements. There are many different kinds of waste including biohazardous waste, chemical waste, and organic waste. Different types of wast require different disposal and handling methods. Many times the waste will be placed into incinerators to be disposed of, or placed into landfills. Both common types of waste disposal create problems for the environment. Problems like leachate occur, which is what happens when it rains and water goes through garbage collected at landfills. Some poisons can be absorbed and end up in waterways underground that may be used for drinking water. Waste management consideres every aspect of waste.





Waste Managements

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