Air Exchange Rate

Last updated: December 4, 2017

What Does Air Exchange Rate Mean?

Air exchange rate is the rate at which outdoor air replaces indoor air within a room. It is an essential parameter to determine the indoor air quality of any workplace. Organizations are legally bound to provide quality air to employees and others in the premises of the workplace. The recommended figures are typically given in relevant building codes.

Air exchange rate to a room can be calculated as following:

Air exchange rate (h-1) = Fresh air supply (ft3/h, m3/h) / volume of room (ft3, m3)

Safeopedia Explains Air Exchange Rate

Air pollutants can accumulate to higher levels if there is less air flow, which can pose health problems to the occupants. It is, therefore, required to determine the air exchange rate to comply with safety regulations pertaining to workplace air quality. Air enters the building through infiltration, natural and mechanical ventilation. Outdoor air flows into the house through openings, joints, windows and doors. Air is removed from a room mechanically through exhaust fans, air conditioners, etc..

An air exchange rate of 6 means that the complete volume of air filling a room is completely changed 6 times in one hour when the ventilation equipment is delivering its air to the room for one hour.


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