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Certificate in Environmental Management (CEM)

Last updated: November 12, 2018

What Does Certificate in Environmental Management (CEM) Mean?

A Certificate in Environmental Management is the entry level qualification one can receive if they wish to pursue a career in environmental management. This qualification will provide the student with a basic knowledge of local and federal environmental law. This knowledge is backed up by a series of practical assignments to put your learning into "real life" application.

Safeopedia Explains Certificate in Environmental Management (CEM)

Graduates will have a basic understanding of ecologies and conservation and how different statues can positively and/or negatively affect the preservation of the ecosystems. This course of study can be completed after one full-time semester, though many study part-time over the course of an academic year. This form of part-time study is often completed by those who are already in the industry and wishing to upgrade their skill and education levels. After this course of study, many students go on to complete the Diploma or Bachelor Degree in Environmental Management.


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