Critical Injury

Last updated: May 10, 2024

What Does Critical Injury Mean?

A critical injury refers to a serious injury that places life a in jeopardy, and involves a patient that is unconsciousness, experienced a significant loss of blood, an acute fracture or amputation of a leg or arm, burns over a major portion of the body, loss of sight or other significant losses that require immediate medical attention in a hospital or by a qualified medical practitioner.

Safeopedia Explains Critical Injury

A critical injury may be fatal if not dealt with urgently. The patient should be given immediate medical emergency assistance or first aid and taken to the nearest hospital without any delay. Response time is vital in cases of critical injury.

The scene of a critical injury, especially when work related, should be secured for:

  • Investigation by appropriate authorities such as police or an Inspector of Ministry of Labor (MOL)
  • No admittance to the scene of accident except for the purposes of life saving or relieving human suffering, ensuring public utility, service or transport system, preventing damage to equipment and property
  • None should disturb, destroy, alter or remove any article from the scene of accident

Reports of such occurrences are to be made to the appropriate authorities immediately. An investigation report of a critical injury is to be forwarded to the concerned offices and officials within a prescribed time limit as per existing laws and regulations.


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