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Substance Abuse Program

Last updated: June 14, 2017

What Does Substance Abuse Program Mean?

A substance abuse program is an organized series of events and resources of an organization with the aim of maintaining a healthy work environment, free from the influence of illegal drugs and drug abuse of the employees. It is intended to protect the health, safety and welfare of the employees. The program supports the employees in leading a healthy, drug and substance free life. It also recognizes suitable interventions to drug dependent employees and outlines proper actions for assisting an employee before they become unfit for the job.

Safeopedia Explains Substance Abuse Program

A substance abuse program in an organization is designed as per the substance abuse policy. The employees are encouraged to take part in such programs voluntarily. Some of these events may also be compulsory. Along with many other events, the following may be included in a substance abuse program:

  • Educating and training the employees on the drugs, uses, impaired behavior patterns, effects and treatment
  • Assisting chronic substance users in getting treatment etc.
  • Training on how to deal with drug abusing employees
  • Rally against illegal drugs
  • Host campaigns and seminars on the negative effects of drugs on individuals and the community
  • Posting billboards, posters, and distributing handbills against the use of drugs etc.
  • Disciplinary actions may be taken against a drug abuser who possesses a threat to the safety of the employees and employers of the company

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