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Traffic Safety Supply

Last updated: October 23, 2017

What Does Traffic Safety Supply Mean?

External and internal traffic on or around a site presents a real hazard to workers. OSHA standards require the use of signage, barriers, channeling devices, speed reduction measures and the use of highly visible safety apparel in any workplace that is exposed to vehicular traffic. OSHA standards provide specific standards for traffic safety supplies including their size, placement, the materials from which they should be constructed, color and reflectivity in an attempt to limit the risks that workers and passers-by are exposed to.

Safeopedia Explains Traffic Safety Supply

The importance of OSHA standards for traffic safety supplies is underlined by the number of workplace accidents and fatalities attributed to vehicles. In the US, one work zone fatality as a result of crashes occurs every 8 hours and a worker is injured on average every 9 minutes as a result of vehicular traffic. Both internal and external traffic control measures are required in order to limit on-site risks and the materials that are used in promoting safety must be produced and used in accordance with OSHA specifications.


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