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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Definition - What does Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) mean?

A material safety data sheet (MSDS) is a safety document that is provided by a manufacturer about a particular product. This generally includes physical properties, chemical properties, instructions for safe handling, emergency control measures, etc.

Safeopedia explains Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

The basic purpose of the material safety data sheet is to provide the basic and necessary information about the substance that is transported, to the authorized personal (e.g. workers, emergency personals etc) and its safe handling. The contents of this document vary depending upon the nature of the substance that is being provided by the manufacturer. It usually contains information but is not limited to physical information like the boiling point of the substance, the toxicity, the safe handing procedures, the first aid procedures, the reactivity of the substance, storage of substance and its safe disposal etc.

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