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Robert O'Neill


Work Safety Hub provides a wide range of work health and safety services to employers in order to reduce risk, improve safety and well-being for employees and to ensure that organisations are legally compliant.Our OHS practice is evidence based and combines a scientific approach with an understanding of management practice and systems thinking. We do this with commercial acumen. We add value to our client’s bottom line by helping them to reduce costs, comply with the law and ensure that everyone affected by their organisation is kept free from harm. Our Health and Safety Consultants identify and understand the type of risks our clients are likely to encounter and then put measures in place to minimize risk and Maximilian benefit to the organisation. Work health and safety services at Work Safety Hub are about action, not just audit.Our OHS model of practice is central to the way we work. It’s a rigorous, step by step process that involves us assessing the health and safety risks to your organisation and then helping you to eliminate them. Organisations have a legal responsibility for the health and safety of everyone affected by their activities. The challenge of ensuring compliance continues to grow and the consequences of failure can be severe. Get it right, however, and you have the foundations for securing the wellbeing of the entire organisation.With our unique combination of fixed fees, unlimited support and personal service, we offer practical and value driven solutions to compliance issues, with significant bottom line benefits.Our clients include owner-managed businesses, global brands, charities, state government agencies and local government.

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