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What ages are most affected by falls?

By Doug Myette, P.Eng. | Last updated: March 14, 2018
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Well, since you put it that way, which is a very generic question, I’ll say everything in the world is affected by falls. But in the workforce, it’s every age – from age 18 up to 60 plus. Fall hazards and fall safety and fall fatalities and fall injuries are non-discriminatory regardless of age. It happens to all age groups. So, it doesn’t matter. If you’re in the workforce, everyone is susceptible to a fall injury. However, the majority of falls, fall injuries, fall between the 30 and 50-year-old range.


I think – and this is my own personal opinion – that this is due to over confidence of the person, or, you know, this person has followed their safety practices while they’re in their 20’s, and now all of a sudden they get promoted to the supervisor or the foreman, and they think that now they – because they’re the boss, they don’t need to do the same thing the workers need to do. In the case of the fatality we talked about with the scaffolder, the supervisor actually was one of the fatal workers, and he was in his 50’s. So, it can happen to anybody at any age.

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Written by Doug Myette, P.Eng.

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