By displaying a pre-shift inspection electronically am I COR and Canadian / USA DOT compliant?

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By displaying a pre-shift inspection electronically am I COR and Canadian / USA DOT compliant?


In an effort to improve traffic safety and reduce collisions, the Alberta Government requires that all those who have commercial vehicles that transport goods, people, or other modes of transportation must have an Alberta Safety Fitness Certificate from the Registrar in compliance with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Certificate and Insurance Regulations.

The owner must designate someone who is responsible for implementing and maintaining the safety program as well as ensuring compliance with the safety laws as outlined in (CVSR), AR 121/2009.

In jurisdictions like Alberta, Canada, the registrar accepts a trip inspection report in a legible electronic form as fulfilling section 12(3)(b) of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation (CVSR), AR 121/2009. The carrier must ensure that the electronic trip inspection report form that they use covers all specifications laid out in the CVSR. It must also receive the approval of the Registrar.

If a peace officer or any representative of the Registrar requests it, a driver must produce his up to date daily inspection report. This report must be legible from outside the vehicle.

If he is requested to do so, the driver who has a daily inspection report or an under-vehicle inspection repo11 must provide a printed or a handwritten copy signed by the driver and also a printed copy of his schedule.

The peace officer or representative of the Registrar may, if he chooses to do so, allow the driver to fax the required documents.

All drivers who hold an Alberta Safety Fitness Certificate are expected to comply with the safety regulations. However, the Registrar exempts persons from the signature requirement under section 12 (4) (h) of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation.

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