Art Maat

President & CEO


Art has spent his entire life in the heavy equipment, site development, and green industries. He is currently President and CEO of the Edmonton operations within the Wilco Group of Companies and the WHiMASE Group. Art’s contribution to Nektar is tuned from his experience in managing his company-wide operations while leveraging software solutions developed to support day-to-day data management procedures.

Currently the over 300 employees of Wilco NW and the WHiMASE Group run 100% of daily field and admin operations in a paperless environment using the mobile Nektar apps. This includes, fleet maintenance, documentation of safe work practice meetings, JHAs, payroll time card data, maintenance logs for outdoor green spaces, site inspection reports, project daily logs, time and materials tracking for cost plus work records, etc. etc.

Art has provided innovative vision and leadership in the global marketing and sales success of the Nektar asset management systems, Histree, Arcsset, and Equipdata. An additional independent product, WiTRAX, developed in partnership with DRAXware Solutions, brings all of the WHiMASE software solutions into a single dashboard interface. This includes data mined in real time from Explorer, Heavy Bid (Accounting, Estimating) and the Nektar Data solutions. As well, the WHiMASE group has integrated all operations within a cloud hosted document management environment hosted by and in partnership with Egnyte. With this well rounded experience Art provides data collection, asset and document management consulting solutions to contractors, governments, enterprise, utility, green, and oil and gas industries.

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