A limited quantity of Dangerous Goods, other than explosives, must be packed in a means of containment in such a way so that under NORMAL conditions of transport and handling, there will be no accidental release of the Dangerous Goods that could endanger public safety.

This special case, 1.17 exempts the shipper from Part 3 (documentation), Part 4 (dangerous goods safety marks), Part 5 (means of containment), Part 6 (training), Part 7 (emergency response assistance plan) and Part 8 (accidental release and imminent accidental release reporting requirements) when handling, offering for transport or transporting limited quantities of dangerous goods on a road, railway vehicle or a ship on a domestic voyage.

Each outer means of containment has a gross mass less than or equal to 30 Kg. For solids, the amount per inner container cannot exceed the number in column 6 (a) of Schedule 1 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations expressed in Kilograms, liquids expressed as liters and gases are contained in one or more means of containment, each with a capacity that is less than or equal to the number shown in column 6 (a) when that number is expressed in liters.

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When a limited quantity means of containment is placed inside another means of containment or wrapped in plastic in such a way the limited quantity mark is not visible, the word “OVERPACK” and the limited quantity mark must appear on the outside of the outer means of containment or the plastic wrap.

The mark for Limited Quantity is a square on a point. The top and bottom portions of the square on a point must be black and the center must be white or a contrasting color. Each side of the mark must be at least 100 mm long. The letter “Y” may be displayed on the center of the mark.

Until December 31, 2020, instead of the mark used in the previous paragraph, you may use the words “LIMITED QUANTITY” or “LTD. QTY.” or “CONSUMER COMMODITY” or these words in French. The means of containment may also have the UN number of the Dangerous Goods displayed within a square on a point. If there are different UN numbers, the square on a point must be large enough to include each UN number. The line, UN numbers and letters must be on a contrasting background. Each UN number and letters must be at least 6 mm high.

If you meet all the conditions of section 1.17 of the Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations, you may ship some Dangerous Goods as a Limited Quantity.

Free Webinar - Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Q&A with Live Discussion