Question: What is ISO 45001?

Answer: ISO 45001 is the latest legislation governing occupational health and safety. This proposed management system is in the draft stages. Written by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) it includes international standards that businesses are encouraged to assume.

Q: What are ISO 45001 goals?

A: ISO 45001 has two main goals:

(i) To ensure the occupational health and safety of workers, service providers, and visitors

(ii) To ensure compliance to these standards by businesses and organizations

Q: Should my business be certified with ISO 18001 or should I wait for ISO 45001?

A: There is no reason to wait to be certified. Getting certified now will be a good intermediate step. Once ISO 45001 is introduced, your ISO 18001 will no longer be valid. You will then have a transition time of up to three years to get ISO 45001 certification.

Q: What is different about ISO 45001?

A: ISO 45001 seeks to:

  • Cut the risks of illness, injury and/or death to employees, service providers and visitors as well decrease damage and destruction to the business
  • Its goal is to nurture continual improvement to workplace health and safety standards
  • ISO 45001 aims to guarantee that all company health and safety policies are within the guideline of ISO standards

Q: How can my company be proactive in implementing ISO 45001 standards?

A: There is no reason for your company to wait for mandatory implementation. You can begin to implement some of these changes now.