How do you know what employers are looking for in an EHS Professional, in today’s market? In episode eleven of Women in Safety, in partnership with EHS Congress 2020, we are chatting withAnna Keen of Acre Frameworks, about the type of credentials employers look for when hiring an EHS Professional. Anna also shares with us a bit about what she will be speaking about at the EHS Congress 2020 in Berlin. Anna shares her knowledge and experience with us during their discussion.

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About Our Guests:

Anna Keen is the Director at Acre Framework. After a 12 year career recruiting Health and Safety professionals across the globe I became concerned that the skill set presented by candidates in the market was not meeting the changing needs of business.

In 2015 I joined Acre to form Acre Frameworks, a unique development solution focused on improving critical non technical competencies in Health and Safety professionals. At the core of the service is a unique Competency Frameworks co-created with our Advisory Panel, a community of 95 progressive industry leaders.

This Framework underpins a psychometric discovery tool that not only makes Acre’s recruitment offering the most robust in the market but more importantly allows individuals to understand the impact of their behaviours against this Competency Framework. Development needs identified in the process are then supported through structured coaching and training with the aim of developing self awareness and enabling self leadership and skill acquisition. It’s through these interactions that the Acre Frameworks team supports professionals to become more curious, creative and courageous.

Acre Frameworks now supports the continuous recruitment and development of Health and Safety Professionals in over 20 countries and in over 30 organisations including Amazon, Vodafone and Lloyd’s Register.

In addition to growing Acre Frameworks and Acre’s wider recruitment offering, I am an active ambassador for promoting diversity in the profession and inspiring the next generation of leaders in Health and Safety.



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