Video Q&A - What are some of the most common issues users are coming to you for WHMIS?

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What are some of the most common issues users are coming to you for WHMIS?


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Corie: Some of the most common questions that end-users are asking us about having to do with the switch over with labels. They've got lots of questions about labels that we are seeing, because there are so many changes with the supplier label, for example, is a huge one.

Tracey: There are some very distinct changes that were incorporated to match up with Global Harmonization, so that no matter what country it's coming from, the same type of label will end up here in Canada. The other thing is the pictograms. That's another big change. The shape of it and everything, and then last but not least is the SDS itself.

Corie: Perfect, and those are the big questions that we're getting from people. But I think as we go forward with the new WHMIS 2015 legislation and we get some more practice with this information, we'll be able to give better answers and see where Health Canada is coming from on these, too.

Tracey: That's right. In December of 2018 will be the total switch over to Global Harmonization. Then we'll be able to structure all of our courses on that and the 1988 WHMIS will be gone.

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