Back pain is not an inevitable consequence of a desk job. Give your back a break by following some common sense suggestions to better back health on the job:

  • Check your posture when siting at your desk. Roll your shoulders back and down, lift your chest and tuck your chin in. This will lift your neck and keep it aligned with your spine. Your hips should be in line with you knees and should form a 90 degree angle to the floor.
  • Make a note of everything you do at work that could lead to back pain. Now go over your list and ask yourself what else you can do instead of that activity.
  • Look out for accessory items that you can get to help alleviate on the job back pain. You might want to purchase a foot rest from a back store or a small memory foam pillow to place between your lower back and the chair.
  • Practice standing and sitting with good posture. Get into the habit of lifting and carrying heavy and light items in a way that protects your lower back. To make this habitual, you need to consciously do it from day to day for at least three weeks