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Fatal Workplace Falls are on the Rise: Understanding Equipment Testing vs. Field Use

Over the last ten years we have seen an increase in two critical metrics in fall protection:

  1. The number of standards comprising the Z359 Code.
  2. The number of fatal workplace falls.

Have we created the most effective standards possible, or do we have an opportunity to improve?

With the proliferation of all manner of new Self-Retracting Devices, we are seeing new products encouraging old behaviors, and the injuries and fatalities continue to mount. In this webinar, we will examine together a combination of product classes, behaviors, and look for opportunities to qualify both product selections and practices in order to appreciate the safest outcomes.

Join Dan Henn, Vice Chairman of the ANSI/ASSP Z359 Accredited Standards Committee and VP Operations, Reliance Fall Protection as he covers:

  1. A Decade of Fall Fatalities: The Facts
  2. Understanding Testing vs. Using
  3. The Anatomy of a Z359 Product Standard
  4. Opportunities for Improvement
  5. A brief overview of Self Retracting Devices (SRL, SRL-R, SRL-LE)
  6. Practical Steps you can take
  7. Learning from history
  8. Final Thoughts
Dan Henn
Dan Henn

Vice-Chairman, ANSI/ASSP Z359 Accredited Standards Committee & Vice President of Operations

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