How to Hire and Build and Effective Safety Team

“Safety is all about people.”

When you hear that, a few things probably come to mind. The front-line workers who show up every day to get the job done. Employees who work high-risk jobs – at heights, in confined spaces, in hazardous atmospheres. The clients, customers, and general public who also have to be kept safe.

There’s one type of person you might not have thought of right away – the safety professionals overseeing workplaces and jobsites. They’re critical to keeping everyone safe and protected. And that’s why every employer needs to make sure that they not only have a safety team, but that it’s staffed with the right people.

This paper will help you do that, whether you’re assembling an entire team or a staffing single position and whether you’re looking for entry level professionals or experienced safety leaders. It will cover:

  • Sourcing prospects
  • Selecting appropriate candidates
  • Integrating your new hire into the corporate safety culture
  • Why the first 90 days are crucial – and how to best approach it
  • How to keep getting the most out of your safety hires
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