Custom Molded Earplugs

Last updated: November 5, 2020

What Does Custom Molded Earplugs Mean?

Custom molded earplugs are silicone earplugs that are molded by the user into the ear canal ensuring a personalized fit. They can be used as hearing conservation measures in workplaces where ear protection is required, which is, any workplace with a weighted average noise level of 85 dBA or more. The custom molding is achieved by mixing two ingredients and pressing the resulting silicone into the ear. After ten minutes, the newly formed earplug can be removed and will retain its shape.

Safeopedia Explains Custom Molded Earplugs

Although earmuffs are still used in hearing conservation, they are unwieldy and cumbersome, as well as being hot and uncomfortable for the wearer. Ordinary earplugs may not seal well enough to provide workers with adequate hearing protection and may be uncomfortable, but custom molded earplugs seal properly, protecting the wearer against excessive workplace noise, which, in the long term, could result in hearing loss. Wearer comfort is assured thanks to the simple custom-molding process. These durable molded earplugs ensure comfort and are hypo-allergenic. They are manufactured under a US patent and are OSHA approved.


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