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Glove Clips

Last updated: September 2, 2019

What Does Glove Clips Mean?

Glove clips are metal or synthetic devices designed to hook onto belts or belt loops with clips to secure safety gloves, so that they are at hand when required. They prevent workers from losing or dropping their gloves and eliminate the temptation of completing potentially risky tasks without using the gloves provided as part of PPE issued.

Safeopedia Explains Glove Clips

Although employers may make an effort to ensure that all workers requiring hand protection have the appropriate gloves for their task and risk exposure, research shows that employees are disinclined to use gloves unless they are convenient at the time when they are needed. In addition, employees may fail to use gloves if they have been mislaid, lost or dropped, only reporting such incidents after the completion of a task without the necessary protective gear. Glove clips ensure that gloves are kept attached to the employee's belt or belt loops and secure the gloves so that they will not be lost during the course of a work day.


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