Safety Cuff

Last updated: December 11, 2019

What Does Safety Cuff Mean?

A safety cuff is a type of glove cuff used in the design of work gloves, especially leather work gloves. Safety cuffs are designed to protect the wearer’s wrists and are typically around 2.5 inches in length.

They do not hug the wrist and have an open-ended design that allows the glove to be removed quickly if necessary. The open-ended cuff also provides the glove with ventilation, thus enhancing the comfort of the wearer.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Cuff

The use of safety gloves is necessary for situations wherein workers face exposure to physical and chemical hazards. Just as different materials are used to protect against different hazards, different cuff designs are used similarly. For example, safety cuffs are not appropriate for use with gloves designed to prevent exposure to chemical substances, as these may enter the glove due to their open-ended design.

The safety cuff is typically used with general work gloves, such as those used in construction and manufacturing, and it's most commonly used with leather gloves. Safety cuffs prevent wrist abrasion and allow ventilation of the wrist when used in high-temperature environments. The durability and structure of the safety cuff is often improved by the addition of rubberized or laminate material to the cuff, which can provide additional protection against cuts or other hazards.

The open-ended design of a safety cuff enables the gloves to be removed quickly if necessary. This makes them effective for instances in which the glove has been caught in machinery, as well as for situations in which a harmful substance has contaminated the glove and poses an imminent exposure risk. In situations in which a large portion of the worker’s wrist is at risk of abrasions or other injuries, the use of an extended-length safety cuff—called a gauntlet cuff—may be advisable.


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