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Straight Thumb

Last updated: November 29, 2019

What Does Straight Thumb Mean?

A straight thumb is a type of thumb design used in work gloves. It describes a glove thumb that lies straight with the index finger when not in use.

Straight-thumb designs are commonly used in fabric gloves and are worn for tasks in which maintaining a grip while wearing the glove is of primary importance. Straight-thumb-style gloves are not as ergonomically comfortable as some other glove-thumb designs; however, they are often an economical solution compared to gloves made using other designs. The straight-thumb design is commonly used in the manufacture of driving gloves.

Safeopedia Explains Straight Thumb

Safety and work gloves are sold according to a variety of different designs. The straight-thumb design is often used in gloves that are stitched together with a single continuous seam around the entirety of the glove, including the thumb. This single-seam-design is the most economical to produce and thus is generally the most economical to purchase. However, the price of such a glove also depends on factors like the material with which the glove is constructed, the glove-cuff design, and whether additional material is sewn or otherwise integrated into the glove.

Straight-thumb designs are a component of the common “clute cut” pattern of glove, which is the most popular pattern used for the manufacture of cotton work gloves. The clute-cut glove pattern has no stitching around the palm and is instead stitched at the back of the glove. This enables the glove to be used to grip objects for extended periods without causing any wear to the stitching. The clute pattern provides a roomy fit but is not generally used for heavy-duty gloves.


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