Explosion Class 3

Last updated: February 19, 2017

What Does Explosion Class 3 Mean?

An explosion class 3 is a location in which easily ignitable fibers or flyings may be present in sufficient quantities, either in suspension, intermittently or periodically, to produce ignitable mixtures. These fibers and flyings present a serious fire risk, but not necessarily an explosion hazard. Fibers create layer forms throughout a facility that can cause an ignition, which moves at near explosive speeds.

Safeopedia Explains Explosion Class 3

Examples of fibres that have this ignition potential include: rayon, cotton, sisal or henequen, istle, jute, hemp, moss, and excelsior.

Explosion class 3 locations are further sub-divided in divisions based on the probability of presence of combustible fibers and flyings in the atmosphere. Further divisions define the probability of the presence of ignitable fibers and flyings.

  • Division 1 – combustible fibers and flyings are present continuously, intermittently, or periodically
  • Division 2 – combustible fibers and flyings are present only for a short period of time

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