Last Updated: October 31, 2017

Definition - What does Germ mean?

A germ is a pathogenic microorganism that are invisible to the naked eye and can transmit infectious diseases. Because they exist in the environment and on the skin, they get transmitted freely and quickly.

Safeopedia explains Germ

At work and in public environments, the safest way of minimizing exposure is to wear protective masks that cover the nose and mouth, as well frequent hand-washing. Soapy water is very effective in killing germs, and hand sanitizers or disposable wet wipes are suitable alternatives.

There are vaccines and medicines against some germs, but maintaining healthy habits remains the best way to prevent contracting a disease. This includes frequent hand-washing or sanitizing, wearing a protective mask or clothing, and avoiding large groups of people when there is a health threat. Different weather conditions and climates can encourage the spread of germs as well.

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