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Hazmat Decontamination (Hazmat Decon)

Last updated: January 1, 2019

What Does Hazmat Decontamination (Hazmat Decon) Mean?

Hazmat decontamination refers to the process of decontaminating people, facilities and the environment in the event of an emergency occurring that releases hazardous compounds into the environment. OSHA requirements under the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) regulations state that companies dealing with hazardous materials must have a written decontamination procedure. The procedures must be communicated to all emergency responders and should be familiar to staff, being followed during practice drills.

Safeopedia Explains Hazmat Decontamination (Hazmat Decon)

The site safety and health officer is in control of the decon process. This person should check on line workers regularly to make sure no one has become fatigued. The decon procedures used should be tailored to the needs of the site. Wet decontamination typically requires the use of water, brushes, hoses, pumps and tanks.

Dry decontamination often involves the use of bags and brushes to bag everything that comes out of the hot zone. It is usually possible to incinerate waste or containerize for later disposal.


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