Peroxidizable Materials

Definition - What does Peroxidizable Materials mean?

A perodixizable material is a chemical that can become explosive when it becomes exposed to the air. They are sensitive to mechanical or thermal shock. Common peroxide forming chemicals include Diisopropyl ether, Potassium metal, Sodium amide (sodamide) and Potassium amide. It is important to take extreme care when handling these chemicals in the workplace. You should avoid storing peroxidizable materials by purchasing enough to consume within a one month period.

Safeopedia explains Peroxidizable Materials

When handling peroxidizable materials, place a warning label on each container purchased that notes the date of purchase and the date of first opening. All materials need to be securely locked away in a flammable cabinet that is far removed from any sources of heat, light, ignition or oxidizing acids. When the chemical reaches its expiry date, it should be put into the waste collection process. Do not open containers where crystals are visible.

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