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ATEX Certification

Last updated: June 7, 2018

What Does ATEX Certification Mean?

ATEX certification is a requirement for all companies who manufacture electrical equipment that is used in hazardous environments and is intended to be marketed in the European Union. By bringing procedures into harmony, the ATEX directive is deigned to ensure free movement of good across the European Union. The ATEX directive is also known as European Directive 2014/34/EU. To attain ATEX certification there are four major areas of compliance:

  • the CE Mark
  • Essential health and safety requirements
  • EC Type exam certificate
  • Quality Assessment

Safeopedia Explains ATEX Certification

In order to be granted ATEX certification, an organization must do the following:

  • CE Mark - this is a self declaration indicating that the equipment conforms to technical provisions and ATEX requirements.
  • Essential health and safety requirements - principles of integrated explosion safety from all electrical and non-electrical ignition sources should be followed.
  • EC Type Exam certificate - For category 1 and Category 2 equipment, a notified body needs to check that the equipment has met all relevant applicable provisions
  • Quality Assessment - the facilities producing the equipment must undergo a quality assessment


ATEX Rating, ATEX Directive

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