Intrinsically Safe

Last updated: January 6, 2017

What Does Intrinsically Safe Mean?

Intrinsically Safe is a technique that is adopted to make operations (especially electrical operations) safe. After applying this technique the equipment is called intrinsically safe equipment.

Safeopedia Explains Intrinsically Safe

Intrinsically Safe can also be defined as limiting the energy (thermal or electrical) available for the system. The system is run on such a low level of energy that the ignition of a hazardous atmosphere cannot occur. For example, when flammable products are transferred in marine operations, it is necessary to maintain two-way communication so as to stop any transferring for any unforeseen reason. This equipment that is used for two-way communication should be intrinsically safe. Some examples of intrinsically safe devices are: intrinsically safe or explosion-proof mobile phones, Zener Diode Barriers, Analog Input Isolators, etc..


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