Published: | Updated: May 8, 2017

Definition - What does Exhaustion mean?

Exhaustion is a state when a person has a total and complete lack of energy. It is the act of having used all of a particular resource. The exhaustion may be a result of extreme physical exertion causing an individual to expend all energy sources for the moment, or a result of a lack of rest. Exhaustion may be described as an extreme state of mental and physical fatigue.

Safeopedia explains Exhaustion

When a person is completely exhausted, this can have mental implications as well as physical. A person could be so exhausted that mental function is severely impaired. Exhaustion is a risk factor in the workplace, as impaired mental function, even when simply referring to an extreme lack of energy, can be just as dangerous as working under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Physical exhaustion can result in a lack of motor functions and muscle control, while mental exhaustion can result in a lack of awareness, temporary memory loss, and reduced mental capacity. Exhaustion is usually presented in the form of heat exhaustion, which is the result of being exposed to extremely warm conditions combined with a lack of hydration.

This definition was written in the context of Occupational Health and Safety
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