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Certification Maintenance (CM)

Last updated: January 8, 2020

What Does Certification Maintenance (CM) Mean?

Certification maintenance (CM) refers to the upkeep of earned certifications by adhering to the proper recertification requirements at the appropriate intervals. Owing to continual development in the field of health and safety, certification is not permanent. Depending on the type of certificate held, regulations will specify what is required in order to maintain certification. This may be requirements in the form of training hours completed and logged with an accredited training provider.

Safeopedia Explains Certification Maintenance (CM)

Health and safety legislation stipulates what workplace health and safety certifications are required in specific industries and workplaces. Once certification of health and safety staff is in place, certificate holders are required to continually update their knowledge-set based on new legislation and technologies that alter the health and safety landscape. For example, a workplace health and safety officer is required to renew his or her certification every two years and health and safety committees apply for certification approval on an annual basis.


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