Paint Striping Machine

Last updated: December 15, 2017

What Does Paint Striping Machine Mean?

A striping machine is the piece of equipment used to mark paint lines onto foot paths and road ways. Striping machines can vary from handheld machines, used for small parking lot jobs, to striping trucks, which are used for marking highways and airport runways. What makes these machines more effective than hand painting lines, is how the uniformity of the lines can be set on the machine. This leads to perfect, parallel lines on the pavement. For the best result, striping should be done immediately after the concrete has been laid and set.

Safeopedia Explains Paint Striping Machine

Though less expensive than mechanical road markers, such as cat’s eyes, paint striping often leads to faster road deterioration than alternative road marking methods. The paint can crack in the sunlight and will often crack the pavement below. Many believe this is because the reflective qualities which make the paint stand out at night attract the sun’s ultra violet rays, causing the paint and road underneath to crack under the sun’s heat pressure.



Parking Lot Striping Machine

Line Striping Machine

Paint Striping Machine

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