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KEEN Utility

Others build work boots to make work better. At KEEN Utility, we believe in creating work boots and shoes that make your work and life better.

That means delivering the kind of safety, comfort, and performance that contributes to living a richer, fuller, multidimensional life–on the job and off. A life lived with passion and without boundaries – from work sites to the mountains and everywhere in between.

With headquarters located in Portland, Oregon, KEEN Utility goes to extreme lengths to ensure our boots are built with the best materials, cutting-edge engineering and the most rigorous testing to get the job done and last longer than the competition.



Global HQ - KEEN Utility
1231 NW Hoyt St.
Unit 401)
Portland , Oregon , 97209
United States
[email protected]

Regional Branch HQ - KEEN Canada Outdoor/Utility
ULC201 – 57 Mill St.
N. Brampton , Ontario , L6X 1S9
[email protected]

Distribution / Manufacturing Facility - KEEN Utility PPM Factory
5914 N Basin Avenue
Portland , Oregon , 97217
United States
[email protected]