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Understanding the Basics of Heat Stress

Heat is a common, almost ubiquitous, hazard for millions of workers who work outside or in industrial manufacturing trades. However, heat, does not always receive the deliberate risk management it deserves. Perhaps this is because people are familiar with hot environments; most workers experience hot temperatures during the summer months, and many do all year round.

Perhaps it is a lack of awareness of the risks; every year dozens of workers die from heat related illness, but most of those deaths occurred to un-acclimatized workers, indicating they may not have been educated or physically ready for heat hazards.

This training will improve your understanding of heat stress and heat illnesses in the workplace, help you and your employees judge the risks from heat stress, control them, and respond to emergencies when necessary. The course topics include heat stress, heat strain, heat illness, acclimatization, work/rest schedules, and other strategies for mitigating the risks of heat.

At the end of the presentation viewers will understand:

1.What is heat stress and the factors that contribute to it,

2. The causes, signs, and response actions of heat illnesses, and,

3. Actions to prevent heat illnesses in hot environments.

Doug Fallon
Doug Fallon

Project Consultant

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