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Hearing & Reusable Respiratory Protection

This webinar is designed to give an overview of hearing and respiratory program requirements & product options for chemical manufacturers. We will examine some of the common pains of participating in a respiratory and hearing protection program while introducing the Moldex solutions to these challenges. You will learn more about how important participation in respiratory and hearing protection programs is and how practical and comfortable Moldex makes compliance.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Hierarchy of Controls: The webinar emphasizes the importance of understanding and implementing the hierarchy of controls in the workplace. This includes eliminating the hazard, substituting the hazard, isolating people from the hazard, changing the way people work, and finally, providing personal protective equipment (PPE).
  2. Knowing the Importance of Fit Testing: The webinar highlights the importance of fit testing for respirators. It explains the difference between qualitative and quantitative fit testing, and why quantitative fit testing is the most objective form of testing. It also emphasizes the importance of fit testing in enhancing the protection for the worker.
  3. Recognizing the Role of Personal Factors in Respiratory Protection: The webinar discusses the role of personal factors such as facial size and shape, facial hair, and pre-existing health conditions in the effectiveness of respiratory protection. It emphasizes the need for a clean-shaven face for a proper seal with the respirator.
  4. Understanding the Assigned Protection Factors (APFs): The webinar explains the concept of APFs and how different types of respirators have different APFs. It also explains how the method of fit testing can affect the APF of a respirator.
  5. Knowing the Importance of Respirator Maintenance: The webinar emphasizes the importance of proper cleaning, maintenance, and storage of respirators. It discusses the potential issues with improper storage and the importance of having a cleaning and maintenance program as part of a mandatory respiratory program.

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