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Get a Grip on Heat Stress & Hydration in Industrial Manufacturing

Join Bubba Wolford as he discusses best practices on how to manage and maintain hydration in the industrial manufacturing industry. As we inch closer to the summer months, hydration has never been more important. Heat illness is preventable with the right tools and education, and Sqwincher is here to provide you with formal heat stress prevention training.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the importance of heat stress prevention in industrial manufacturing: Learn about the New National Emphasis Program (NEP) and its requirements, including having a written hydration safety program and an acclimation plan for new workers.
  2. Assessing heat stress risks and challenges in the workplace: Identify key factors such as multiple locations, number of employees, average age, work schedules, and provision of drinking water and electrolytes. Address issues related to productivity, workplace injuries, and providing shade and ventilation.
  3. Implementing a comprehensive heat stress prevention training program: Develop a training program that covers the prevention of heat illness, acclimatization of new workers, and compliance with the NEP requirements. Use effective training materials, such as a hydration safety training deck and heat index charts.
  4. Considering health and wellness factors in heat stress prevention: Understand the impact of health conditions like diabetes and hypertension on the workforce. Recognize the need for hydration solutions that cater to diverse health needs, such as reduced-calorie options and sugar-free alternatives.
  5. Utilizing resources and support for heat stress prevention: Take advantage of manufacturer resources and support, including facility assessments, emergency response protocols, and promotional items. Leverage the expertise of manufacturer representatives to enhance training, order tools, and receive guidance on heat stress mitigation.
Bubba Wolford
Bubba Wolford

Director of Business Development

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