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5S+1 The Foundation for Safety and Improvement; How to implement it successfully

Imagine you’re swimming in a large pond in Louisiana. That's right, you're in alligator territory. But it’s not the alligators on the surface you need to worry about – you can see those. It’s the ones under the water that concern you.

And that, my friend, is the entire point of 5S+1 (or 6S). It makes hazards, danger, and problems easy to see. It surfaces the proverbial alligators in your environment.

Join Lean, Kaizen, and 5S+1 expert Bryan McWhorter as he reviews these 5 key steps:

  1. Establish 5S+1 benefits and purpose.
  2. Plan for implementation. Succeed on the first try.
  3. Early wins using 5S+1 while you implement it.
  4. Three elements that must be in place for safety that 5S+1 will provide.
  5. How to sustain all your 5S+1 improvement; a system that is self-monitoring, and self- correcting and self-sustaining.
Bryan McWhorter
Bryan McWhorter

Lead Safety Advisor, Author, Writer, Speaker

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