Benzene Poisoning

Last updated: December 28, 2018

What Does Benzene Poisoning Mean?

Benzene is a petroleum-based chemical that, at room temperature, is colorless and has a sweet odor. Benzene is also a very poisonous chemical. Benzene poisoning occurs when a person ingests, inhales, or comes into contact with benzene. Someone experiencing benzene poisoning may exhibit blurred vision, loss of appetite, dizziness and even convulsions.

Safeopedia Explains Benzene Poisoning

Exposure to benzene may occur in a variety of workplaces as it is a widely-used industrial solvent. It is used to make lubricants, detergents and pesticides. It is also an additive in gasoline and diesel fuel, and is a component in various paints, lacquer and varnish removers.

When undertaking work that may involve exposure to benzene, it is important to ensure that the work area has adequate ventilation. In addition, workers should be provided with the appropriate glove types, safety glasses, and respirators, if necessary.

Although there are no specific antidotes for benzene poisoning, its effects can be treated if caught in time.



Benzol Poisoning

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