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Permit to Work

Last updated: April 22, 2019

What Does Permit to Work Mean?

A permit to work or work permit is a formal, verbal or written authority to operate a planned work procedure. It is designed to provide protection for employees who are working in hazardous situations. It ensures that management systems are followed in a way that makes sure that the job is done safely. The permit to work process involves procedures to request, review, authorize, document and deconflict tasks. This ensures that two operations that may cause a potential hazard do not take place in close vicinity.

Safeopedia Explains Permit to Work

A permit to work will detail the work to be done, the equipment that will be utilized and the workers who will be involved in the task. The safety precautions that need to be followed will be specified. It will also indicate which other work groups need to be informed of the planned work project. It will then give formal authorization for the work to commence. An audit process will be put in place to ensure that all work has been completed as specified and the work environment is left in a clean, safe state.


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