Last updated: November 25, 2020

What Does Encapsulation Mean?

Encapsulation is a Health and Safety in Employment (HSE) approved remedial solution to help in the prevention of fibre release from potentially hazardous fibrous materials like asbestos. Encapsulation is defined as the inclusion of one thing within another thing so that the included thing is no longer apparent. Encapsulating asbestos involves covering or enclosing it in another material to prevent health risks.

Safeopedia Explains Encapsulation

Asbestos is a major health hazard to any who come into contact with it. There are two options to consider when dealing with asbestos, which include removal and encapsulation. Removal requires removing the fibrous material completely to avoid health risks. Encapsulation involves sealing off, or covering asbestos to greatly reduce health risks by stopping fibres from being released from it into the atmosphere. Different methods of encapsulation are used for different kinds of asbestos.


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