Tidal Station

Last Updated: February 1, 2017

Definition - What does Tidal Station mean?

A tidal station is the geographic location where tidal observations are made. There are both primary and secondary tidal stations. A primary tidal station is the name used for a tidal station where continued observations are to be taken over a number of years to gain basic data on the tides for the area. A secondary tidal station is used over a shorter time frame to gather data for a particular purpose.

Safeopedia explains Tidal Station

The sea level varies in response to the movement of the sun and moon, wind, temperature changes, ocean currents and atmospheric pressure. Observation involves measuring the variations in the sea level. This is done at tidal stations. Observations at tidal stations can be used to detect tsunamis and crustal movement and provide information to help in disaster prevention. It is also useful for observing long term sea level changes.

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