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Last updated: February 1, 2017

What Does Conifers Mean?

Conifers, also known by the name Pinophyta, are a species under the kingdom plantae, and are land plants. Most of these cone-bearing plants are large, woody trees with only a handful being shrubs. Conifer forests, although huge, are scant, but conifers are still extremely important to the ecology of the areas they exist in. Conifers produce a type of wood known as softwood, which is vital and valuable in the production of timber and paper.

Safeopedia Explains Conifers

Unlike other plants, conifers produce their seeds in cones. Conifers are normally found in cooler, mountainous regions and are well adapted to deal with the cold weather. Their branches are downward drooping to help them shed snow, and seasonal biochemical changes help them resist the cold weather. The conifer forests in the world account for up to 45% of global lumber production, rendering these scarce forests extremely economically valuable. The seeds of certain conifers can also be eaten as food, and pine nuts are particularly prized.


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